ViLla MeErEsStRaNd



Usedom, a resort island off the northern edge of Germany. When the conditions are just right, the rubbing of the island’s sugar-white grains of sand will set off a small chorus of little squeaks, like music from a tiny orchestra of invisible violins. And here’s the best part: This “singing” island is just two and a half hours from Berlin. Blessed with sparkling beaches, royal history and a resurgent spaculture, Usedom is drawing more crowds than ever before. More affordable than the exclusive island of Sylt, this former East German refuge is becoming the weekend destination of choice for stylish Berliners, especially expatriates and culture seekers. Barely adrift on the Baltic Sea, where Germany meets Poland, Usedom stretches about 30 miles from end to end and has been a popular summer resort since the late 19th century. Nicknamed Berlin’s Bathtub, its connection with Germany’s capital is as legendary as that of Brighton to London, and the Hamptons to New York City.

The task was to redesign completely a very tired beach hotel for a hotel owner that owns 16 hotels on this island  I wanted to merge the impressive history between the current and modern time.