BeRlInAlE - OrEaL VIP ClUb


A blend of unconventional materials were used to develop a clear, bright atmosphere that allowed the indirect lighting to harmonize with the natural elements of the club. Classic wood flooring, gauze and glass worked together to offer guests a unique spatial experience as they entered the lounge area via a tunnel-like corridor. The back-lit walls meshed with the semi-transparent gauze along the walls of the lounge to create a relaxing environment.The cat grass continued to grow during the duration of the event to symbolize the constant growth and creativity of the film industry.Inspired by the five natural elements, an unorthodox design fused classic and modern materials to create a distinguished yet creative vibrancy to the VIP lounge. Once again, cat grass brought a natural feel to the lounge by growing throughout the event, partnering with the river-stone tiles to deliver an organic touch.Moonlights, red drapes and copper-toned curtains worked cohesively to generate an upscale atmosphere that contrasted nicely with the timber framing, which encapsulated tiny rough stones.