ReSoRt HoTel KeMpInSkI BeRcHtEsGaDeN (foRmeR InTeRcOnTiNeNtAl)


4 times winner of the World Travel Award, as well as listed as ‘One of the 100 Most Beautiful Hotels in the World’

Located on the German/Austrian border, just 20 minutes away from Salzburg, the hotel is encompassed by trees, nature and remarkable views. The timeless style of this 150-room, 5* resort has unmistakable character, with a suspended copper fireplace in the sunken lounge and the Onyx look of the bar, which transforms from day to night time through its impeccable backlighting. True luxury is expressed in the generous deployment of s p a c e: fine natural materials including premium woods, unpolished limestone and natural granite. The direct, reflected lighting and expertly-selected materials offer serenity, while the oranges and reds of the sunset and shades of blue and green create a truly organic feel. A 1500m² spa area and unique spatial treatment makes this not just the first mountain resort hotel in Germany, but the most renowned.