FiVe + SeNsOtEl


"Room atmosphere, which touches all the senses, plays a key role in determining one's feelings of well–being" –Yasmine Mahmoudieh

Set in the artistic enclave of Willisau, this installation explores the belief that a 5* hotel room can reflect, respond and react to the unique senses and personalities of the guests within. Before entering the room, visitors heighten their sensory awareness in five circular “sense rooms” dedicated exclusively to one of the human senses. Listening to natural sounds, touching various surfaces, release distinct smells through scratching a hemisphere, being flashed in a strobe room, chewing on identical white tablets. These are what awaits guests before they enter their suite.The room itself uses screens made from laser-cut textiles and translucent plastic elements in various colours. Featuring a touch-panel that that customizes lighting, climate, music and more, guests can truly create their personal sensory experience.